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Probate Express
The loss of a loved one is always a traumatic experience for everyone involved.
We Stand With You

It is a difficult and challenging time. 

Despite the immense emotional loss, there are a range of legal issues which need urgent attention and cannot be overlooked. It is not unusual to feel overwhelmed as to how to proceed further on the legal issues.

The entire process is complex, and is full of technicalities. This tedious task can be made easy by our experienced and professional staff.

Family members underestimate the time and effort involved in preparing the legal paperwork for the Grant, dealing with the Supreme Court and fulfilling the other legal requirements. 

There are strict rules which have to be followed. Improper paperwork raises requisitions from the Court. This can result in a delay in finalizing the estate. 

The law casts overwhelming obligations on the Executor(s) and the Administrator(s) and exposes them to liability in the event of an error.

We assist with regard to the estate of the deceased promptly and with minimal delays. It makes sense for a professional to handle the matter and get it right the first time.

Avoid stress and allow us to help you. 

Our fixed fee service ensures that there are no surprises during an already difficult time.

Probate Express


Some of the questions that arise immediately are:​

1. What do I need to do?

2. How do I proceed?

3. Is there a Will of the deceased? If yes, what to do with the same?

4. If there is no Will of the deceased how to proceed further?

5. Who gets what if there is no Will of the deceased?

6. How to deal with the various entities including banks, Landgate, Share Registries, Superannuation Funds, creditors and other beneficiaries?

7. Are there any outstanding debts of the deceased? If yes, how and when are they to be paid?

8. When will a Grant be required?

9. When will a Grant not be required?

10. If a Grant is required, what kind of Grant is required?



In Western Australia, Probate is the process of proving and registering the last Will of the deceased person, in the Supreme Court of Western Australia.

In Western Australia, Letters of Administration with Will Annexed, is the process of proving and registering the last Will of the deceased person, in the Supreme Court of Western Australia.

In WA, a  Grant of Letters of Administration is a document issued by the Court confirming the administrator's authority to deal with the affairs of a person who has died without leaving a valid Will.

A reseal of a foreign grant is a process whereby the Supreme Court of WA recognizes the validity of a grant of Probate/Letters of Administration/Letters of Administration with Will Annexed issued in another jurisdiction.

We can advise the Executor(s) and the Administrator(s) with the proper way to distribute and wind up the estate of the deceased in an efficient manner.



“I wish to thank Sanjiv Sethi for his expertise, efficiency and understanding in assisting our family following the passing of my Uncle. With a small estate, Letters of Administration had to be acquired since the Executors of the Will had renounced their responsibility. Sanjiv ensured the process was as painless as possible for the family and all was completed in a time frame which was greatly appreciated by the beneficiaries of the estate. We cannot thank Sanjiv enough for the professional manner in which this entire situation was resolved.


We highly recommend Sanjiv Sethi to anyone seeking professional legal advice and assistance.”

The Ganderton Family




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